11 August 2024, 10:00 CET
Paramahamsa Vishwananda

📣 Pricing and Payment Update 📣

To help make this important event more accessible, we are happy to announce two new updates for the online program:

1️⃣ Country Adapted Pricing: For the first time ever, and only for this time, we are able to offer Country-Adapted Pricing, which means that the price is set based on the economic factors in each country. 

2️⃣ Pay in three instalments: 1/3 when you sign up, 1/3 due 10 October, 1/3 due 10 December 2024. (Register Here)

Paramahamsa Vishwanda’s Guru Gita commentary is a copyright protected work.

Sale price€350,00
Ticket: First Half 7 Day Workshop Attendance

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Discover the Essence of the Sri Guru Gita

For centuries, the profound philosophies and insights from Hindu scriptures have inspired people globally. At the heart of these teachings is the Guru Gita, a gem within the ancient Skanda Purana, exploring the essential relationship between guru and disciple.

Receive the Grace of the Guru

Next August, immerse yourself in this spiritual treasure as Paramahamsa Vishwananda offers his unique commentary on the Guru Gita. His interpretation, rooted in the rich tradition of Indian spiritual commentary, promises to shed light on the profound nature of the guru-disciple bond.

The upcoming event promises to significantly enhance the world's understanding of the role of a satguru in personal life. Attend this unique event where the age-old wisdom of the sages of India is integrated with contemporary insights for practical application in our daily lives.


Be it online or in-person, you will receive:

- Live Stream including Live Interpretation
- 12 months of video recording access, including translation
- Event Program
- and more :)


If you want to support the Mission of Bhakti Marga you are welcome to donate an endowment to our non profit Organisation Bhakti Marga Foundation.


If you are unable to attend, please be respectful and cancel your event to make space for others to attend.